Matcha Tea Mania: The Tea for Steep Thinkers

Matcha Tea Mania: The Tea for Steep Thinkers

Matcha tea is sweeping the nation, and the world. It seems everyone form Gwyneth to the Olsen twins are chugging their ceremonial-grade matcha tea. Even the culinary-grade matcha is popping up in everything from beer to lip gloss. Why all the fuss, you ask? Well, because matcha tea really is the best thing since sliced bread. Here’s why…

What is Matcha Tea?

Matcha tea is shade-grown in Japan. Ceremonial-grade matcha is carefully cultivated according to ancient traditions and has been used for over 900 years by Zen Buddhist monks for meditation. The simple, austere practice of matcha became a revered ceremony called chanoyu.

Out of the matcha tea ceremony sprang the philosophy of ichi-go, ichi-e—“one time, one meeting”—the value of cherished gatherings, where every moment is a once-in-lifetime event.

Matcha reminds us that, despite the repetitiveness of our daily lives, you can never perfectly recreate a moment—treasure every cup and turn teatime into a lasting memory.

What’s Special About Matcha Tea?

Matcha tea is carefully cultivated, hand picked and stone ground. Twenty days before the tea is harvested, it is shaded from direct sunlight to increase the chlorophyll and L-theanine levels. If you choose a top-grade ceremonial matcha, only the two top leaves will be carefully hand-picked, dried, and then ground into a fine powder using traditional stone tools, rather than mechanized methods.

Ensure that your matcha tea is organic and produced using ethical, sustainable practices.

Benefits of Matcha Tea

You know that green tea is good for you, well matcha is green tea, but instead of discarding the leaves once the tea is steeped, you are consuming the tea leaves themselves. That means that just one little cup of matcha tea contains 10 times the nutrition and 137 times more antioxidants thanordinary green tea

Matcha tea is packed with health benefits:

  • All those antioxidants help to detox the body
  • Reduces cholesterol and lowers blood sugar
  • Increases metabolism which promotes weight loss
  • Improves brain function and memory
  • Prevents cancer
  • Promotes anti-aging
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Protects the body against oxidative stress
  • It’s antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties keep you healthy
  • Prevents heart disease
  • Offers a wealth of nutrition including fibre, B and C vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and chlorophyll
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