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Why your Kids Should be Drinking Matcha Tea

Matcha tea has a delightful green color and a delicious vegetal taste with overtones of umami that children will love. You can serve it hot or cold as a tea, or pop it in their smoothies. You can make matcha popsicles or add it to all your favorite recipes. Matcha is an excellent choice for your kids thanks to the wealth of health benefits it brings to your daily routine.

But Doesn’t Matcha Tea Have Caffeine?

Of course matcha contains caffeine, but most teas and colas do. The difference here is that matcha contains an amino acid named L-Theanine which means that the caffeine is absorbed slowly over the course of 4-6 hours, so there’s no spike in caffeine levels.

Instead, matcha enables your child to relax while significantly increasing concentration and the ability to focus.

Get ALL the Things!

There are so many health benefits to drinking matcha. Here are just a few:

  • Richer in anti-oxidants than most other foods and drinks
  • Anti-viral properties to help keep viruses (like the flu) at bay
  • Matcha contains EGCG, a catechin that combats cavity-creating bacteria in the mouth for better oral health
  • Improves ability to focus thanks to the L-Theanine which helps boosts memory and concentration. This makes matcha perfect for studying or writing exams
  • Matcha tea also contains polyphenols which widens the blood vessels and improves the flow of blood to the brain
  • L-Theanine improves relaxation and helps reduce anxiety and stress
  • Matcha tea improves metabolism and helps to burn calories. Drinking matcha tea prevents childhood obesity when combined with exercise and a healthy diet
  • The catechins in matcha tea help reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure

Start a matcha tea ritual with your kids today. It’s so much healthier than sugary drinks and being a matcha mama or a matcha papa will mean healthier, happier little ones.

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