Why Our Culinary Matcha is Better than Christmas Morning

Why Our Culinary Matcha is Better than Christmas Morning

The green revolution is here and there’s matcha tea in just about everything. That’s because the incredible health benefits and pleasing umami taste make matcha a welcome addition to your healthy lifestyle. One way to increase your matcha tea intake is by cooking with it. Which is why we are so pleased to present our new Culinary Grade Matcha Zen Tea.

What is Culinary Matcha?

When you’re combining matcha tea with other ingredients and adding heat, you don’t need to use a premium ceremonial grade matcha tea. Our culinary matcha is made from the entire tea plant (as opposed to the newest growth only), which is perfect for cooking.

If you’re using matcha as an ingredient in your baking, or if you intend to add milk, sugar, or ingredients in smoothies, lattes, frappaccinos, and other dishes and drinks, then this is the matcha you want! There is no compelling reason to use a better-quality matcha for culinary purposes. If you’ll be applying oven or stovetop heat, or will be adding fat (milk) and sweetness to it, and organic is important, then this is the ideal matcha for you.

Our Culinary Matcha is Still the Bees Knees

Our culinary grade matcha is great for cooking, baking, and blending and it’s less expensive too. It is shade-grown in the terroir region of Uji, Kyoto and is 100% pure USDA Organic Japanese matcha. Culinary matcha has a wonderful flavor profile. It’s a robust matcha with excellent color, good umami, and it imparts a very smooth “matcha” taste to dishes. It makes superb foamed milk drinks, and even makes a good matcha salt.

Free Fridays at Matcha ZenPremium Organic Culinary Grade Matcha

Every Friday, we post a free recipe for you to try that takes the guesswork out of your adventure into culinary matcha. You can see all the recipes from our blog here. If you have a recipe you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. You can buy your culinary matcha here. We are so looking forward to joining you in your culinary adventures with matcha tea.

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