Matcha, Mindfulness, and ADHD

Matcha, Mindfulness, and ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is one of the most common afflictions, affecting a large segment of children and adolescents and at least 4% of adults. Traditional treatments including medications and therapy haven’t worked for everyone.

In fact, for some patients diagnosed with ADHD, medications can cause more harm than good. That’s where mindfulness comes into play: by learning to focus on one’s thoughts and impulses, many patients have found significant relief from ADHD symptoms.

Mindfulness Meditation

Rooted in the centuries-old practices of Zen Buddhists, and supported by modern medicine, mindfulness meditation advocates using meditation and awareness training to alleviate stress.

Mindfulness is all about being aware of one’s own thoughts and remaining present and in the moment. Mindfulness training usually incorporates a meditation exercise—such as focusing on one’s breath—and then learning to extend this ability to be present in the moment into your everyday life.

Zen Buddhist monks used matcha tea to enhance their meditations though the increased focus and relaxation that matcha tea produces in the body.

Mindfulness for ADHD

For those seeking an alternative or supplement to drugs that treat ADHD, mindfulness training provides an accessible, free option with proven results.

In fact, some studies show that mindfulness training may be just as effective for treating ADHD, if not more so, than medications—and without many of the problems often associated with ADHD drugs, such as side effects and dependencies.

Treatments involve teaching patients to notice and react to their impulses and thoughts, non-judgmentally, in order to better recognize their own behaviors and patterns. Over time this can result in increased awareness and enhanced ability to control impulses and make decisions.

Matcha & Mindfulness

And there’s more good news for teenagers and adults with ADHD who are considering mindfulness as a treatment option: as it turns out, meditation, mindfulness, and delicious matcha tea are a perfect trio. Japanese Zen Buddhist Monks have utilized matcha tea to help them to focus during meditations for over 900 years.

One reason matcha is such a perfect match for mindfulness meditation is its unique combination of energy boosting and calming effects, which can be attributed to its caffeine and L-theanine content. As the Buddhist monks have known for centuries, matcha can help train the mind to concentrate and stay attentive, helping you to remain present and tuned in to your surroundings.

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