Preparing Matcha Tea the Traditional Way

Preparing Matcha Tea the Traditional Way

While you can absolutely make matcha tea using any bowl and a kitchen whisk, there are those who revel in the beauty of the traditional tea ceremony. For the connoisseur, drinking matcha is more than just a beverage break, it’s a special occasion.

At the heart of the matcha tea ceremony is the philosophy of ichi-go, ichi-e—“one time, one meeting”—the value of cherished gatherings, where every moment is a once-in-lifetime event. What this reminds us is that each moment is unique and precious and the tea ceremony is a way to encourage mindfulness.

Anyone can perform the matcha tea ritual and you should add some traditions of your own. Here’s a brief outline of the traditional methods:

What you need:

  • Chakin: a linen tea-cloth
  • Chashaku: a bamboo scoop
  • Furui: a Matcha tea sifter
  • Chawan: a Matcha bowl
  • Chasen: a bamboo whisk

Matcha Tea Method:

Place the linen tea cloth on the table. Use the scoop to measure. 1-2 tsp match into the tea sifter.

Sift 1-2 tsp matcha into the bowl. Add 2oz hot water that isn’t quite boiling (175 °F or 80°C)

Whisk into a delightful froth with a zig-zag motion. Enjoy!

Use your matcha teatime for mindful contemplation, to spend time with a friend or to take a little time for yourself. The high concentration of amino acids like L-theanine. L-theanine promote both profound relaxation and sharp concentration—perfect for meditation or making it through a stressful day with supreme equanimity.

Whether you like to rock it old school with natural bamboo implements or you use your electronic whisk to make matcha in your teacup, we know that you will benefit from the wonderful health perks that matcha offers for your mind and body.


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