The Benefits of Whole Leaf Tea

The Benefits of Whole Leaf Tea

Don’t Throw Away the Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

The benefits of whole leaf matcha tea are obvious—the nutrients you crave remain in the tea, not in the leaves you steep and throw away.

Real ceremonial grade matcha is made by grinding every ounce of the tea leaf into a fine, useable powder—so when you brew matcha tea, you get more of the good stuff in every cup. It’s that simple.

On top of grinding up the whole leaf, growing quality matcha includes a rigorous month-long refining stage, and this last step is what packs matcha with more antioxidants than almost any superfood, and what ultimately separates matcha from other green teas, like loose leaf sencha.

During the final maturation stage, the tea leaves are placed in a light-poor environment where the leaves kick into overdrive to produce high levels of chlorophyll, while retaining delicate amino acids that would otherwise breakdown in the sunlight.

The result is that matcha leaves become packed with Vitamins A and C, antioxidants like the cancer-fighting EGCg, and amino acids like L-Theanine, which has been shown to boost attention and alertness without the harmful effects and inevitable crash of caffeine.

The leaves are supercharged with health benefits, then ground into a condensed form that transmits all of those benefits to you. There’s no loss of the good stuff from cultivation to brewing to consuming.

The benefits of whole leaf matcha are plain to see: the tea leaves are specially grown to maximize the nutrients, and the whole leaf is stone-ground into a powder that keeps the nutrients in the final brew.

The simple truth is that when you brew any tea from a bag, you’re throwing most of the health benefits in the garbage.

Brew a cup of matcha tea with ceremonial grade powder and enjoy all the benefits of this superfood in every single cup.

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